Spring Cage Sale!

Fleece Cage Liners Combo 2X4 and Loft liner

Spring Cage Sale!

Spring is finally here and what better way to welcome in the approaching warmer weather than freshening up your small animal cage!


Are you are wanting to upgrade your fur kids to a larger cage? Would you like add levels to your existing cage?

Are you a new piggy parent that is just starting your cage journey from scratch?

Or maybe you simply want to update your guinea pig cage so it is all fresh and new for the season?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have you covered!


Our Bree & Co cages come in a sleek and stylish black which suits all surroundings. Our cages make all liners and other bedding and items in the cage really pop!


We source our cage products within Australia and each cage is carefully put together and packaged with the utmost care.


So why choose Bree & Co cages over other small animal cages?

Our cages not only look nice, but they also come in a range of sizes making it easier to provide the space guinea pigs require.


They are versatile and can easily be changed or have lofts added to them.

You are not forever stuck with the one size cage as other components can easily be added to it over time!

This is a lot of fun, trust me!


Bree & Co cages are easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

We recommend using our fleece liners on the base of the cage to help with the ‘piggy mess’.


We ship all orders out incredibly fast too!

You wont be waiting for weeks/ months to receive your Bree & Co goodies.


So, for the month of September we bring you our Spring clean cage sale!

Use the code SPRING at checkout to receive 15% off our Bree & Co c&c cages, kitchenettes and ramps.

We are also offering this discount to ‘corflute only bases’.


Hoppy shopping everyone!

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