🐰 Meet Oreo, the Resilient Tri-Bun! 🐾

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Meet Oreo, the resilient three-legged rabbit who’s now living her best life surrounded by love from both her human and fur family. Despite facing challenges in the past, Oreo’s spirit is unbroken, and she’s proof that adoption can make an incredible difference in an animal’s life.

Make Adoption the Only Option

Oreo’s story is a reminder of the strength and love rescue animals have to offer. There are countless Oreo’s out there waiting for a loving home. Adoption not only changes their lives but also enriches ours.

🐾 Not Broken, Just Let Down by Humans 🐾

Oreo’s journey is a testament to resilience. Follow her heartwarming adventures on her Instagram account “tri_bun_oreo” and witness the joy and happiness she brings every day!

Let’s celebrate Oreo’s indomitable spirit and spread the word about adoption. Together, we can make a difference, one paw at a time! 🌟🐇 #AdoptDontShop


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