Benefits of Grids and c&c cages for guinea pigs

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C&c cages consist of a corflute base, metal grids and connectors which connect each grid together. There are many benefits to these guinea pig cages such as they are easy to assemble, maintain and clean. C&C cages come in a range of sizes to not only suit the number of guinea pigs you have, but

How To Choose The Right Guinea Pig Cage

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When shopping for a guinea pig cage or hutch, your choices are wide and varied. There are many different types made out of different materials. How can you choose? How do you know which cage or hutch is right for your guinea pig? Indoors or Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage? The first thing to consider is

Cage & Liner Combo

Cage & Liner Combo

Now avaulible C&C Cage & Liner Combo only while stokes last!!!! 2×4 grid “Large” single-level, open-top, suitable for 2-3 guinea pigs. Internal Living area – 70cmW x 140cmL ( 2 grids x 4 grids ) Finished Assembled Outer Size – 77cmW x 152cmL x 40cmH What you get in a C&C Cage Liner Combo: 12 Grids & 24 connectors (walls) Water Proof

Say Goodbye to Your Guinea Pig’s Smelly, Messy Cage Bedding

Guinea pig cage liner

There is so much to love about guinea pigs. They are relatively quiet pets, are gentle, lovable, have unique personalities and if handled regularly become very trusting of their humans. However, their cage can become quite stinky very quickly, and the cost of fresh bedding materials can really add up over time.  Standard wood shavings