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Product of the week


Today’s pick for product of the week is our guinea pig snuggle bed. This is one of our top sellers and there are many reasons why!

Here is a brief run down of our snuggle beds and all the reasons why your piggy needs one.

  • Made from fleece, plain on the inner, print on the outer
  • We use a thick layer of quality batting inside each panel for added warmth and comfort
  • Each panel has an X sewn into it to hold the batting in place. No saggy sides and bunched up batting like other beds
  • Each bed comes with a free insert. These inserts are made with fleece on the outer as well as batting sandwiched between two absorbent layers. The whole insert is sewn into place so there is no bunching
  • Our inserts are incredibly absorbent soaking up any accidents which may occur in the guinea pig snuggle bed.
  • Additional inserts available. It’s great to have a spare insert or two as these can be swapped out when dirty and replaced with a fresh one. This means you only need to wash the inserts frequently, not the entire bed!
  • Provides warmth and comfort, particularly in the cooler months
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Our guinea pig snuggle beds and inserts are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer
  • Fits 1-2 piggies
  • ALL guinea pigs love these beds. They like to feel safe and protected and our beds provide all of this!
  • Available in a range of awesome prints
  • All handmade by the Bree & Co team
  • Our products are made to last and each item has a lot of love and care put into it
  • By choosing Bree & Co you are supporting an Aussie business

Please visit our website to view our range. Be sure to check out our snuggle beds reviews too!

Snuggle Bed – Guinea Pig & Small Animals

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